DIY digital memorial

Let your relatives' legacy live forever ♾️

For centuries, humans have dedicated memorials to their loved ones in order to keep their memory alive, beyond death.

Nowadays, QR codes - bi-dimensional scannable barcode - are the new way to tell these stories in the form of digital memorials.

Unfortunately, the solutions on the market are often expensive, and more annoying, you have to submit your content to their website.

But what if the company ceases its activities and shut down their website? Your content will then become unreachable and you will have to start everything over again.

The perfect solution would be to not rely on a third-party company to store this content.

What you can actually do is to create a static QR code (for which content won't change over time, only if you wish to) and to print it on a plaque that you would stick on the gravestone/urn of your loved ones.

Thanks to this DIY QR code generator, you can create static QR code from any type of content.

You can start by adding a quote, a story that could perfectly describe and represent the person by using the "Text" function.

For multimedia content, you can make the QR code link to any page on the internet, by simply entering its URL (http(s)://........). It can be the deceased's social media profile, one of her/his achievements, a picture gallery, ... what you want her/him to be remembered for 🙏

Since the code cannot be changed afterwards, preferably choose a page that has a chance to exist for the next years.

Now that you have created (and downloaded you QR code), it is time to print it on a support that you will stick it on the gravestone/urn. Here are providers that you might consider using:

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